Chief Credit Officer | Central Illinois Commercial Bank

Position Summary

The Chief Credit Officer reports to the President/CEO, will be part of the Executive Management Committee, and is responsible for oversight and administration of the loan portfolio.  The main purpose of this position is to maintain appropriate policies, procedures and internal controls for extending credit while achieving the overall goals of the company.

  • Develop and maintain standardized policies and procedures to assure the effective delivery of credit and enhance the overall quality of the loan portfolio.
  • Establish a strong credit culture within the organization.
  • Provide oversight for an effective credit approval and administration process within the company that supports the risk tolerance while also facilitating desired asset growth objectives.
  • Oversee regulatory compliance with Federal and State regulations with regard to Credit.
  • Develop and maintain reporting mechanisms that allow for accurate and timely identification of risk profile in all asset categories. Submit accurate and timely reports as required by senior management and regulatory agencies.
  • Develop sound and robust systems as part of the underwriting process.
  • Create strategies that keep the portfolio within the realm of the company's risk
  • Develop and implement departmental policies and interpret and communicate work procedures and policies to staff members.
  • Oversee changes to the lending and compliance policies as needed.
  • Act as a liaison between the company and its regulators regarding credit matters.
  • Ensure the competency and accountability of staff and set expectations for training and development of personnel in order to provide for continued career advancement and develop
  • Communicate decisions, priorities and relevant project information to appropriate levels of staff and to the organization.
  • Advise executive leadership on the status of various areas of the line of business, as well as risks and issues to successfully deliver programs and projects within established metric.
  • Uphold the company culture and drive it within the organization. As a member of the leadership team sets the appropriate tone and example for the organization.
  • Trains, mentors, and develops staff; this includes timely feedback, coaching, and direction.
  • Manage loan operations and loan support.

Knowledge and Past Experience

  • 10+ years of credit risk management and leadership experience in Credit Administration or the Lending Function or in a role with significant CCO responsibilities
  • Previous sales success personally and for areas managed
  • Formal credit training
  • Previous experience in special assets function, lending review, and collections
  • Proven ability to create and execute strategy for a successful organization including credit culture
  • Prior goal setting, planning, budgeting, and personnel administration experience
  • Experience working across an organization and interacting/influencing/negotiating effectively at all levels including peers and the Board of Directors
  • Ability to lead credit risk mitigation initiatives by designing, implementing, and communicating policies and procedures that manage credit risk according to determined risk appetite/tolerance levels

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