Onboarding the New Executive: A Short Guide

Surveys show that new Executives fail at rate as high as 40%. Many of these failures result from the lack of a good process to assimilate the new Executive into the organization.  Recruiting a new Executive and a new compensation … READ MORE »

Onboarding: A Good Insurance Policy

You have spent six months working with a search firm filling a vital Executive Vice President role with someone who should have the potential to become the next President or CEO of the company. You have interviewed four people, tested … READ MORE »

Your Guide to Tests and Assessments

There are assessments and then there are tests.  Assessments gauge a set of behaviors or tendencies.  For example, a personality profile or an emotional intelligence survey measures participants’ responses according to who they are as a person.  There are technically … READ MORE »

A Quick Review of “The 5 Levels of Leadership”

According to John C. Maxwell, effective leadership is about “getting people to follow you because of who you are and what you represent.”   Effective leaders are not those that get others to follow because of the position they hold or … READ MORE »

Conflict Resolution: Being a Successful Manager

Every manager, or anyone who has a relationship with another person, is going to experience conflict. While conflict is unavoidable, avoiding resolutions is not acceptable if you are going to be a successful manager. In a circumstance where two people … READ MORE »

11 Ways to Find the Leader in Your Organization

When I ask search committees for competencies or qualities they feel are critical in their next hire I always hear people express the need for a good leader. The problem for me is identifying what leadership means as a group … READ MORE »

10 Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations

We all have participated in difficult conversations whether in our personal lives or our business lives. Many of us have been on the receiving end and some have had the task to deliver a difficult message. No matter which side … READ MORE »

Bust the Holiday Job Search Myth: Career Partners International’s Brian Hinchcliffe Shares the Facts

Job seekers hear an array of stories about job seeking through the holidays, many of which are false.  The predominant myth is that nothing is going to happen between now and the end of the year.  A whole month where … READ MORE »

Steps to Building a Successful LinkedIn Company Page

 LinkedIn is more than just a site for job seekers.  With more than 450 million members worldwide, it is a great place to build leads and build brand awareness for your company.  To take advantage of this free service you … READ MORE »

How Do People Really Find Their Next Job: Career Partners International Shares Outplacement Facts

September 27, 2016 COLUMBUS, OH— Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest career management consultancies in the world, shares the latest research and current statistics surrounding how people actually find jobs. Most outplacement companies tout their ability to provide … READ MORE »