For nearly 25 years, we’ve worked with clients whenever they need a Talent Management partner. While our core services encompass Executive Search, Assessments, Coaching and Career Transition, clients often come to us with a specific need or challenge that doesn’t fit into a pre-defined box.

We work with clients to develop and deliver specific Talent Management consulting engagements across the spectrum of attracting, assessing, coaching and transitioning workforce talent. Below are some representative consulting engagements and the respective practice area they belong in.

Organizational Structure & Development (attract/assess/coach/transition)

Many organizations retain MRG for Talent Management solutions at a particular point in time – to retain an executive, to achieve a corporate restructuring. Often, as we probe and question organizations in solving one issue, it leads to uncovering other systemic concerns. Many times, these issues involve organizational structure and development. A company’s infrastructure profoundly affects its decision-making processes, communication mechanisms, culture, innovation and other elements. The infrastructure can be an enabler or a barrier to obtaining desired outcomes and results.

MRG consultants tailor a process which allows the organization to identify gaps in the current infrastructure and redesign the backbone to create a dynamic and proactive structure moving forward.

Executive Compensation (attract/assess)

We provide Executive Compensation evaluation services. As part of corporate governance best practices, organizations, and especially Boards of Directors, approach MRG to review and benchmark their senior executive compensation packages. As with everything we do, MRG consultants partner with decision makers in highly confidential situations to offer trusted advice and counsel.

With many years of experience and expertise in retained executive search, we have been integral in working with executives to develop and negotiate long-term and short-term compensation plans. We partner with credentialed experts in the compensation arena to conduct the appropriate research and gather market data for evaluation and consideration when considering executive compensation issues.

Performance Management (attract/assess)

Effective leaders often say, “It’s not me; it’s my people that made it happen.” Managing the development and growth of others is a critical responsibility for senior executives, directors, and managers. Yet, if performance measures are not aligned to business strategy and goals, they become ineffective and burdensome.

MRG works with your organization’s senior team to ‘measure what matters’ – bringing business performance and employee performance measurements in a cohesive management structure. Key elements in this process include:

  • Developing clearly defined employee job requirements
  • Monitoring and coaching employees to performance standards and expectations
  • Providing a quality performance appraisal system which measures employee results against agreed upon goals
  • Developing a process where measurable outcomes are evaluated and growth is expected for forward movement

MRG remains involved in the planning process and partners with you to ensure implementation happens. Results can only be obtained when a great plan is actually executed, not sitting on a shelf. We work with you to make sure the project is not half done.

Position Modeling (attract/assess)

When companies are interested in hiring employees to fill a job in a given classification, and want to hire the best match, we are able to develop a statistical model to predict future success based on the pattern of scores on assessments for those currently successful in the job. By assessing personality, critical reasoning, verbal skills, quantitative skills, work motivation and managerial potential it is usually possible to determine the important factors that lead to success in a given job. We are also able to tailor the assessments to specific jobs by including assessments designed to measure key requirements of the work.

Connect2Community® (attract)

Connect2Commmunity® (C2C) is a unique program developed by MRG to help organizations protect their investment in new executive level talent and smooth the transition for the whole family.

Vast amounts of time and financial resources are dedicated to recruiting the best talent for your organization. Unfortunately, many are finding this same prized employee leaves the organization within the first 18-36 months because the employee never developed a connection to his/her new community.

Connect2Community® is not designed to replace an organization’s on-boarding program with a new employee, but rather to extend the reach of your program to family members is accompanying your employee to the community.

This program was built with the intent to complement internal programs by acclimating spouses, partners, families, and extended families with a personal touch, reaching out to specific individual interests. One of the many unique aspects of the program is C2C’s connection with the transitioning members for one full year, working confidentially to help them make meaningful and lasting connections to their new community and you as an employer.

Human Resource Consulting (attract/assess/develop/transition)

Look to MRG as your trusted business partner to help solve a range of issues related to human resource management. With access to partners and resources worldwide, MRG professionals can provide guidance in human resource best practices. Consider MRG professionals your source for Talent Management advice, just like accountants and attorneys for financial or legal advice.

Strategic Planning (assess/coach)

MRG helps organizations address critical strategic questions through a process that ensures time and money invested in planning generates a return measured in tangible results – revenue growth, profitability improvement, enhanced competitive position, and organizational growth.

Our approach combines a thorough understanding of the client’s business situation, goals, expectations, and capabilities. We challenge the organization and key players to think in terms of the possible, the practical, and the priorities while identifying those who will be accountable.

We have also provided services in the areas of Marketing Strategy and Market Research on behalf of clients.

Career Development (assess/coach)

MRG’s coaching solutions are targeted to executive and high-potential individuals. But all employees benefit from a culture of learning and tools to manage their own careers. Through a variety of career development programs, employees can keep their skills current, strengthen their knowledge, and explore the skills needed to pursue career growth. These programs can include assessment packages, e-learning programs as well as other tools that provide participants a transformational experience.

Leader Development and Coaching (assess/coach)

Future leaders need to develop capabilities such as coaching, conflict management, decision-making, delegating, mentoring, motivating, and performance management.  Programs can be designed to include assessment and feedback, coaching and support to promote changes that align leadership and organizational performance. Our expert consultants recognize that each organization has its own unique leadership development needs and competencies that are integral to their success. That’s why we tailor programs to align with our client’s specific requirements and expectations and integrate them with any existing talent management initiatives in the organization for a comprehensive and cohesive approach.

Team Building (assess/coach)

Leaders are often judged by their teams – the more successful the team, the more successful the leader. Yet having a shared objective is not enough to break down barriers that may exist or unite individuals to work effectively together.  High performing teams share not only common objectives but also trust, commitment, and a sense of accountability to achieve results through positive collaboration.

Our consultants possess significant experience and expertise working with individuals, entire teams and leaders to yield higher performing teams that consistently improve effectiveness and business performance.  Our approach combines proven methodologies with effective tools and resources to break down silos, build trust and engage team members to share commitment and accountability for team results.

Workforce Planning (assess/transition)

Our workforce planning services assist businesses in creating strategies and road maps for changing workforce needs.  We help employers assess proactively their workforce to understand and determine what’s needed to successfully move the organization forward to advance its business success.

Redeployment, Transfers and Promotions (assess/transition)

Transitioning into new roles, new departments, new careers, or new locations can be exciting and even challenging at times. To help employees transition and on-board to be productive more quickly, we offer multiple resources that help employers communicate changes, retrain workers, prepare employees for new roles, and manage integration within the organization. Our transition programs promote timely assimilation to bolster the employee’s confidence, morale and contributions to the organization’s success.

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