Selecting the right talent for your organization can be a high stakes endeavor. Using formal assessment measures as part of the process helps answer questions about a candidate’s skills or concerns related to personality or ‘fit’ within your organizational culture.

You can look to MRG professionals for a complete Assessment Solution. Our unique approach gives you a new level of certainty to make better selection and development decisions. We identify the right validated tools for your circumstance, and then combine them with rigorous analysis and interpretation to steer your selection process.  Led by psychologists, we benchmark results, providing an actionable and effective outcome.

Assess for Selection

Because it’s about people, the talent selection process always involves variables. Questions may arise about a candidate’s skill level, whether verbal, quantitative, cognitive, or related to critical-thinking or decision-making. Other times, selection concerns might relate to personality or ‘fit’ within your organizational environment. Assessments can help you determine what motivates a candidate and are especially effective when combined with testing for compatibility among individuals within a reporting structure.  In a typical assessment for selection process, we use a combination of tests for skills and personality fit. All of our tests are validated and benchmarked against individuals in similar positions.

Assess for Development

Assessments are also effective as an internal development tool. In situations where organizations hire many individuals for a similar position category, MRG provides an assessment solution that helps the organization ensure the necessary skills are well-defined for the position as well as guide the development of individuals within the position.  Assessment Packages can be created to standardize the path for employees to assess and attain skill areas for growth.

As an additional service, an MRG professional can evaluate a current set of assessment tools that an organization uses to determine their effectiveness, validity and consistency in measurement.

Rigorous Process Yields Results

At MRG, we do not simply administer assessments and tests. Rather, to achieve results, our process relies on testing, interviews, analysis, interpretation and follow-up guidance and is conducted by a psychologist.

The end result of most engagements is a comprehensive and actionable Assessment Report. This report provides a summary of the evaluation and includes recommendations for next steps, whether that is additional interview or final selection.


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