Career Transition is about managing change. Realignments that involve employees are varied and complex. Challenges involving corporate restructuring, position elimination, individual performance issues, or work/life changes require a high degree of expertise, advanced planning, and flawless implementation.

Management Resource Group is your proven partner for career transition and outplacement services. We handle the most complex of transitions and realignments from individuals to entire facilities, guiding you with a thorough, thoughtful, and hands-on approach.

A Human Touch on a Global Scale

Corporations are global, and so are we. Whether your employees reside locally or are dispersed globally, MRG is your single point of contact for your outplacement services. Even with our global reach, our programs are high-touch and face-to-face. Why? During transitions, responding appropriately to a variety of non-verbal communications is paramount.  We work on-location, ensuring a smooth and consistent process while implementing ‘day-of’ events.

Maintain your Employment Brand

It’s critical to consider your company’s employment reputation, especially given economic and demographic trends. Choosing MRG to provide top-quality outplacement programs will position your transitioning employees for success and enhance your organization’s standing in the community. Giving transitioning employees the services they need – a network and resources to move forward – generates goodwill that comes back in future recruiting efforts.

Support for all Involved to Move Forward

Transition situations leave many individuals, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of uncertainty or anxiety. We support all who are involved with high-touch programs. These events simply can’t be handled remotely, virtually, or over-the-phone. Employers need careful planning, coordination and flawless implementation to minimize business disruption. Displaced employees need options for alternative employment and consultation to minimize ‘career derailment’. Remaining employees need assurance and renewed focus to enhance productivity.

Our professionals help move your organization forward in a professional and productive manner. We train managers on how to deliver transition messages, and provide onsite support during the notification process.

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