A talent-focused organization understands the value of investing in the managerial and functional skills of its people. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to attract the right executive talent. Sustainable success comes from building the skills and strengths of the existing management team and those individuals who are high-potentials.

MRG Coaching Solutions helps good managers become great leaders. The differentiated value of our process is its three-pronged approach. We coach individuals by creating a measurable, outcome-based development plan, utilizing robust assessments, and leveraging the insights and resources of best-in-class coaches. As a result, our candidates – your employees – demonstrate a high success rate, generating career and business outcomes that give you a competitive talent advantage.

Coaches with Exceptional Experience

Anyone can call themselves a coach. But, only those individuals with a history of effective leadership in executive positions are MRG coaches. They bring decades of professional experience to the table and a thorough understanding of coaching principles and best practices. MRG’s coaches are hand-picked for each engagement so candidates receive the best guidance and instruction to satisfy their individual needs.

Assessments That Guide Development

Unlike less rigorous approaches, MRG’s coaching utilizes a variety of formal assessments to guide candidate development. These independent measures provide insight across a range of subject areas, including critical thinking skills, management skills, and personality and temperament measures. As an integral part of the process, MRG’s licensed psychologists and coaches provide analysis and interpretation of these objective assessments in order to guide candidate development plans. Our coaching process is confidential and all assessment results remain part of the candidate’s personal property.

A Customized, Measurable Growth Plan

Just as organizations must plan strategically for growth, employees also benefit from specific, actionable Development Plans. All companies are different and coaching candidates bring a range of issues to the table. MRG’S coaching is tailored to align each candidate’s goals with his or her company’s objectives

Return on Talent Investment

Our coaching professionals embrace your business strategies and deliver services that challenge your employees to achieve their highest potential. We provide metrics that demonstrate to management the return on talent investment.  Our process protects your investment and includes exiting points during various stages. Over 60% of our coaching assignments are from repeat customers.

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