Onboarding the New Executive: A Short Guide

Surveys show that new Executives fail at a rate as high as 40%.

Many of these failures result from the lack of a good process to assimilate the new Executive into the organization.  Recruiting a new Executive and a new compensation package for the Executive are major investments made by an organization.  However, sometimes more attention is given to planning the holiday party than a thoughtful, organized assimilation process for the new employee.

For example, thorny questions must be addressed about authority and performance expectations.  The Board may not have the knowledge, experience and working relationship to answer these questions, and the new Executive may be reluctant to use his or her small pool of political capital with the Board to press these questions to resolution.

Management Resource Group aids in this process to ensure the relationship between the Board and the new Executive begins on the best foot possible.  We serve as a confidant and sounding board to both parties throughout the assimilation process and we assist with some of the most difficult conversations in the process.

Specifically, MRG will work with the Board and new Executive to clarify:

  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Authority
  • Decision Making Process
  • Communication
  • Initial Performance Expectations and Priorities of the Executive