Budgets are Tight, Why Outplacement?

Budgets are tight and we’re all trying to do more with less.  Yet, people are still vital to your company’s future.  Taking care of your employees, especially during a downsizing, has a lasting effect.

Providing displaced employees with the proper transition services maintains good rapport with the individuals you are releasing. Additionally, you are sending a clear message to your current employees that you are a company who cares. Transitions are difficult for everyone. Picking the right career transition firm is important. You are seeking a company that can provide expert advice, assistance, and support throughout your decision-making process. During uncertain times like those we are experiencing now, a company that provides transition services to their employees demonstrates strength of character and establishes themselves as the type of organization people want to work for in the future. Whether you realize it or not, it really is important to your brand as a company to be an employer of choice and the kind of company who cares about their employees whether coming in the door or transitioning out of the organization.

What kinds of questions should you ask a career transition firm?

  1. How long have you been involved in the career transition services field?

  2. Can you help my company from the initial planning of a reduction in force to full implementation?

  3. If we have multiple locations across the U.S. or globally, is there one point of contact for services?

  4. Are your transition programs flexible and customizable to meet our budget needs?

  5. How much experience do your consultants have and how connected are they to the local community?

  6. What type of technology is available to help transitioning employees?

  7. Do you offer face-to-face programs and virtual programs with a one-on-one option?

One of the most important qualities of a career transition firm is their connection to the community. Some companies opt to find the cheapest career transition program possible that offers a virtual-only option. The transitioning employee is offered a program that includes a couple of phone calls with someone who may be living several states away and has no idea what is going on in the individual's local market. Your company's reputation is on the line and even though you may feel good about offering a career transition program, the transitioning employee may find the program to be lacking substance or the direction they need to get reemployed more quickly. Remember, it's important to your reputation in the marketplace to be the kind of employer of who takes care of employees, whether they are newly hired or whether they are transitioning out. Employees working at your company notice everything, so be the type of employer that your employees brag about because they know and see that you really do care.