Delegating Your Way to the Top

A key element of becoming a successful manager is learning how to delegate.  Everyone knows you can’t do everything yourself and hope to grow or be able to achieve a work/life balance.  Many managers never learn the important elements of delegating and thus never achieve the success they had hoped for.  Here are the keys to building a stronger organization by effectively delegating:

  • Provide the context of the assignment by laying out how it relates to other work being done, how it affects the company’s success, and who else will be needing and relying on the information

  • Reinforce why you chose the person(s) for the project, outlining their past experience and the knowledge they possess 

  • Lay out clear expectations

  • Establish how their performance will be measured

  • Communicate the specific touch points you will need during the duration of the project along with the benchmarks you will use to evaluate how well the project is going

  • Offer assistance/ help but do not take back ownership of the project

  • Do not allow people to delegate up or back to you

  • When going over the project during your planned touch points, make sure that when problems arise, the project manager is prepared to talk about solutions and not rely on you to solve the problem

  • Hold people accountable because their work will reflect upon you and your performance

Your ability to move forward and grow as a manager/leader will be strengthened when you learn to delegate assignments. Giving the proper responsibility and authority, monitoring the project without micromanaging, and holding people accountable for their results will build a stronger company with employees who are capable of demonstrating increasing competencies.