The Power of Partners

MRG was founded in 1989 with offices in Rockford, Illinois and the Quad Cities. In 1991 we were given an opportunity to invest into Career Partners International (CPI) as a minority owner. We have co-branded ourselves as Management Resource Group a Career Partners International firm since 1991. Most people don’t think of MRG as a CPI partner because they have not worked with us on a global basis. While MRG enjoys a reputation for being a trusted advisor to businesses for over thirty years regionally, our connection to CPI provides a global reach with over 320 offices in the world.

Although each partner is unique, what we have in common is that all of us are in the talent management consulting business. We offer services in career transition, attraction (recruitment), development (coaching), retention and retirement strategies, and assessments for selection and development.

To become a CPI partner, the firm must be a leader in their marketplace in providing some of the services mentioned above. Each firm seeking partnership must go through a rigorous vetting process and the qualifications of their team is also considered.

Over the years we have been involved in several career transition projects (outplacement). We have referred business to partner firms and we have received referral business from our partners. The best part of this is that clients with multiple locations communicate with one single point of contact to handle outplacement services for all company facilities worldwide. Each CPI partner firm provides a seamless, consistent approach to outplacement, which is important for transitioning employees receiving the services.

Some projects referred to us in the past included: Amoco Oil Company who closed their credit card division (3000 employees), Rockwell Collins during a restructuring (1200 employees), and the closing of the Maytag manufacturing plant (2500 employees). We also worked with a Bandag during a merger and provided outplacement services locally and in 26 countries.

Due to our connection with CPI, the Management Resource Group provides a global reach with a local touch. All CPI firms have the advantage of knowing the companies in their geographic area, who is looking to fill positions, and who to contact. In addition, we benefit from our partnership with CPI because they are continually developing new services and products like: PowerMyCareer, PowerMyWork, New Horizons (retirement planning), and Manager as Coach. In addition, CPI also provides the best in class technology which assists in all areas of recruitment, outplacement, development and retention services.  

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