Job Search: We Can Help

It is said that the three most emotionally changed moments in our lives are when a close friend or family member dies, a child is born and when you lose your job. Job loss goes to the depth of your soul and your self- esteem. When someone tells you that you’re no longer needed, it can be devastating.

Once you get over the shock, out of necessity you find yourself having  to find a new position. Most people don’t have a clue how to conduct a job search. In the past, it was easier to view the want- ads and apply for a position. Or you could call your friends and family members to ask if they knew of anyone looking to hire someone.

Now the process requires looking at multiple job boards, updating your LinkedIn profile, and developing a comprehensive networking list. Job seekers tend to get frustrated because they don’t get call backs to their applications nor do they receive a response as to why they are not qualified. Most large companies have totally automated the process so people are being screened out with no idea of why or what to do about it.

MRG has been in the business of helping people get reemployed for 30 years. The key is 30 years of contacts, specific knowledge of what to do, how to do it and help with getting it done. We are not just a local company either; we can provide help anywhere in the world.

Call us at 563-323-3333 to ask some initial questions on how we can help you. Reach out to Mary Jones who has been an outplacement consultant and resume writer at MRG for over 25 years.