Selecting, promoting, and developing the right talent for your organization can be a high stakes endeavor.

Tests and assessments are appropriate for every level of employment, from executives to mid-level leaders to hourly employees. Various assessment tools exist in the market today ranging from measures of skills to measures of personality, style or fit within a culture. 

Using appropriate tests and/or assessments is critical. Clients who utilize MRG’s Assessment solutions as part of their selection, development, or promotional processes receive support from Dr. Susan Stewart, our Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.  Dr. Stewart consults with clients to interpret and utilize the results effectively.  She also has expertise to identify the right assessment for your specific needs.

Clients can take advantage of MRG's tests and assessments independent of a Search or Coaching engagement.  

MRG provides a thoughtful, professional evaluation for Selection, promotion and development.


Dr. Susan Stewart, MRG's I/O Psychologist, explains why tests and assessments should be a part of your hiring and retention processes.

I appreciate the value of MRG’s clinically verified testing and assessment tools, they are very helpful in selecting and hiring the best candidates.
— Kelly Coffield, CEO, Dynamic Tube, Inc.
I felt that the tests I was required to take as a candidate for a search, helped paint a picture of my knowledge and skills for the employer, which I feel helped to separate me from other candidates.
— Eric Beckman, Senior Controller, Central Bancshares, Inc.

We identify validated tools for your circumstance, and combine them with rigorous analysis and interpretation to steer your selection, development and promotion processes. Led by our Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, we benchmark results, providing an actionable and effective outcome for a reasonable fee.


common measurements

Supported by our I/O Psychologist, we have the ability to find the right tests and/or assessments for your needs.  Some common measurements:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Numeric Reasoning
  • Personality or ‘fit’
  • Compatibility
  • Management and Leadership Capabilities
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Organizational Culture Inventory
  • And More . . .


MRG's tests and assessments touch every aspect of our business and MRG uses third-party validated tests and assessments that can only be interpreted by a Ph.D. Getting the data is not enough; understanding and knowing how to use it is the differentiator.

  • Test
  • Analyze
  • Interpret
  • Follow-up guidance




    Why tests and assessments

    MRG's tests and assessments are available to anyone at any time.  We deliver data-driven metrics to assist in decision-making related to:

    • Promotions
    • Hiring
    • Developmental opportunities
    • Succession planning
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    Meet Susan

    "I enjoy using science-based research to ensure people with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities match the role and responsibilities"