A talent-focused organization understands the value of investing in the development of people with approaches that are not 'cookie cutter' solutions.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to attract the right executive talent. Sustainable success comes from building the skills and strengths of the existing management team and those individuals who are high-potentials.

We coach individuals by creating a measurable, outcome-based development plan, utilizing a 360 tool, robust tests and assessments, and leveraging the insights and resources of best-in-class coaches. As a result, our participants – your employees – demonstrate a high success rate, generating career and business outcomes that give you a competitive talent advantage.

The coaching process begins with the discovery of a person's capacity, knowledge, experience, and personality and how they relate to everyone they come into contact with in the company.  Once you establish baselines, a customized program is formulated to meet the unique needs of each coaching assignment. MRG’s coaching program is designed to meet all stakeholders’ needs. A skilled Coach guides participants in skills needed to achieve measurable outcomes designed to achieve personal and business goals.

In addition to our Executive Coaching Program, MRG offers a program for new managers, supervisors or high potentials. Click here to find out more about our Targeted Coaching Program.

I have had the pleasure to work with MRG for executive searches, outplacement and coaching, both with our organization and with other organizations in which I belong. All outcomes have been outstanding and we have been extremely pleased with the professional services MRG provides.
— Business Owner/Community Leader
I would recommend MRG for executive coaching in a minute and already have. The money is well spent. You can apply what you learn to an immediate situation and make your work life better for yourself and everyone around you.
— Executive Coaching Candidate

Anyone can call themselves a coach. But, only those individuals with a history of effective leadership in executive positions are MRG coaches. Our coaches are hand-picked for each engagement and matched to each participant's functional background. Participants receive the best guidance and instruction to satisfy their individual needs and company goals.



  • Development of managers, high potential employees and executive leaders
  • Strengthen high potentials for increased responsibility
  • Enhance leadership engagement and retention
  • Identify and feed strengths and learn to get around weaknesses
  • Build organizational bench strength
  • Succession planning
  • Create a competitive talent advantage


  • Discovery of client objectives
  • 360 feedback of participant
  • Participant tests and assessments
    • Critical Thinking
    • Numeric Reasoning
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Management Capabilities
    • Personality Profile
  • Coach, psychologist, and participant review test and assessment results
  • Development plan presented to client for approval
  • Periodic checks with client on outcomes

A Customized, Measurable Growth Plan

Just as organizations must plan strategically for growth, employees also benefit from specific, actionable development plans. All companies are different and coaching participants bring a range of issues to the table. MRG’s coaching is tailored to align each individual’s goals with his or her company’s objectives.


Meet our Coaches

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Dan Portes


Dr. Connie Thurman

Dr. Susan Stewart

Dr. Susan

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Lauri Flanagan