Let’s Try Something a Little Different


Consider this…

While extremely beneficial, MRG’s Executive Coaching Program requires a firm commitment of time and finances. There are rigorous tests and assessments, a 360 review, multiple interviews, regular meetings with a coach and extensive contact with the coach between sessions. While providing results that are measurable and lasting, an Executive Coaching Program is comprehensive and takes months to complete.

What if we offered a program that wasn’t quite as extensive but still provided benefit to a broader section of talent?

MRG is introducing our Targeted Coaching Program.

Like our Executive Coaching Program, you will still get a custom program designed to meet the needs of the participant and the organization and one-on-one meetings with an experienced, handpicked coach. The difference is in the price and the time needed to complete the program.

What does A Targeted Coaching program look like?

  • An initial interview with the client company and key stakeholders to determine desired outcomes.

  • Participants take a management assessment to determine the extent of their knowledge base for managing people.

  • Participants meet with their coach to review the results of their assessment and discuss the outcomes their organization is seeking.

  • Following the initial interview, participants will have two, two-hour meetings with their coach. Topics to be covered will depend upon the areas that have been targeted for improvement and how participants can reach the outcomes desired.

  • The coach will follow up with participants and the client company to determine if improvement has occurred.

*In true MRG style, the Targeted Coaching Program can be customized to fit your specific needs including additional tests and assessments.

Benefits of the targeted coaching program

  • This is a focused coaching program, targeting 1-2 issues for becoming a better leader.

  • Complete confidentiality between the coach and the participant.

  • Increased engagement and confidence from the participant, benefiting the individual and employer.

  • Customized programs that meet the needs of the individual and the employer.

Lauri Flanagan, President of MRG, gives a brief description of the Targeted Coaching Program.


Meet our Coaches

Dr. Connie Thurman

Six-Sigma Black Belt with over 25 years of executive experience.

Dr. Susan Stewart

I/O Psychologist with over 20 years of experience.

Lauri Flanagan, SHRM-SCP

Highly skilled consultant with a strong background in Human Resources.