MRG is uniquely qualified as a resource to deliver and interpret tests and assessments to be used for the purposes of selection, development, coaching, or succession planning.

Each assessment can be purchased independent of a search or larger contract.  

Sales Knowledge Survey

This tool is designed to identify candidates who are most likely to achieve above average success in professional sales. Specifically measures: sales personality, sales knowledge, and motivation. The combination of all three elements provides an excellent validated tool in the selection process.         

Numerical Data Interpretation Test

This test assesses numerical reasoning ability related to interpretation and manipulation of numerical data routinely encountered in the workplace. Abilities assessed are relevant in any role that involves working with and interpreting numerical data. Activities requiring this ability include budgeting; forecasting; and analyzing numerical data contained in charts, reports, tables and graphs.  

Critical Thinking Assessment

This is a high level, formal measure of critical thinking ability and verbal skills. It measures the ability to evaluate written information to determine whether appropriate assumptions have been made, or if conclusions logically follow from stated facts.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This assessment measures the distinct combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence one’s overall capability to cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life. It is utilized for assessment and development purposes at individual, team, and organizational levels.

Personality Inventory

This nationally recognized personality inventory consisting of 240 questions will assess a candidate along five dimensions with six variations within the five dimensions. These results are then incorporated to produce a professional development report that outlines personality styles in relationship to career and management positions.

Personality Inventory Compatibility Study 

Working with the results from two individual personality inventory reports, the compatibility study is completed by MRG's Industrial Organizational Psychologist. It identifies areas where individual styles and expectations will be in sync and where there may be conflict in their work styles. 

Personality Inventory 1-hour Interview

Following the completion of the personality inventory assessment, there is an option for MRG's Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, to discuss, interpret, and explain the results.

Management In-Basket Test

Administered on-site with a proctor, this practical “in-basket” simulation utilizes realistic managerial problems consisting of memos and letters.  Candidates must provide a written analysis of the management issues involved and explain the actions they would take.  Results describe and evaluate the candidate’s performance within measured factors, identifying developmental areas that should be targeted for improvement and establishing specific learning objectives.

Supervisor In-Basket Test

Administered on-site with a proctor, this practical “in-basket” simulation is similar to the management in-basket, however it is focused on tasks encountered at the supervisory level rather than the executive level. Results describe and evaluate the candidate’s performance within measured factors, identifying developmental areas that should be targeted for improvement and establishing specific learning objectives.

Personal Drivers Inventory

This assessment helps individuals align their unique characteristics and preferences with their professional and personal roles and responsibilities in order to increase their effectiveness and enhance their satisfaction. 

Individual Drivers Inventory

This assessment provides individuals with personalized feedback describing their emotional drivers.  It interprets individuals’ motivations and behaviors by measuring the complexity and richness of the way individuals interact with the world and make life choices. 

Retirement Planning Assessment Profiles

As part of the New Horizons retirement program, MRG can administer two different profiles, one that will help individuals identify critical areas of focus in planning a fulfilling future and one that identifies personal strengths and areas of focus across 15 success factors that closely affect retirement transition and planning. These tools are used to determine if gaps in current retirement planning exist. The profiles must be administered by a certified Retirement Specialist. 

360-Degree Evaluation
Electronic Administration or
Personal Interview Administration

Our 360-degree evaluation provides confidential, anonymous feedback to individuals from the people who work around them (i.e., supervisor, peers, etc.) and includes a self-assessment component as well.  We administer 360-degree assessments, collect and summarize the information gathered, and conduct feedback sessions to heighten self-awareness and provide coaching in order to enhance performance practices. The 360-Degree Evaluation can be administered electronically or through personal interviews. Pricing for this instrument will depend upon the number of people and how it is administered.

Customized Assessments

Sometimes the knowledge, skills, or abilities needed for success in a particular position is better evaluated with assessment tools that are not provided on this list.  At MRG, we will work with you to provide customized tools to best fit your pre-employment selection requirements, training and development needs, or outplacement and retirement activities.


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